Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ganesha drinking milk again

NEW DELHI: In a re-run of the September 1995 frenzy when Ganesha statues were said to be drinking milk offered to them, devotees apparently thronged temples on Sunday night, making alike claims. This time, nevertheless, all idols were reported to be drinking milk.

This followed some reports received from additional parts of the country, particularly UP, earlier in the day. Shiv Mandir in Uttam Nagar and Shri Ram temple on Aruna Asaf Ali Marg in New Delhi witnessed a huge rush.

Said a Ram temple priest, "People observed that Ganesha is drinking milk around 8 pm, after which the word spread and thousands thronged the temple to try it out. Lord Ganesha drank milk from all. The crowd remained till around 11 pm."

Rationalists have explained the scientific cause behind this phenomenon, including surface tension, but faith and superstition always hit back. Said a devotee, "It was amazing.”


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