Monday, May 14, 2007



In 1969, a pair of Argentine brothers that lived in Los Angeles, California, discovered the Hot Wheels brand. They figured out that, using Hot Wheels' building techniques, they would be able to make economic progress by making and selling their own Die-Cast products. In 1970, the brothers flew back to Argentina with a few Hot Wheels models. As a matter of a fact, many call the Muki cars the "Hot Wheels of Argentina".
Shortly after setting up a manufacturing center north of Buenos Aires, the two brothers put their die-cast cars on the market. The cars enjoyed much success, despite lagging in popularity among children, behind one of their fiercest competitors, the Buby toy cars. The Muki brand had catalogs published during that decade.
By 1983, the two brothers that were the original owners of the "Muki" brand had earned enough money to buy mansions in Brazil, and they moved there, showing little interest in keeping the brand running. That year, the Indugay toy making company bought over the rights to produce Muki models. Muki models kept being produced under their original name, but with a small "Indugay" logo to the bottom of the model packages.


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