Sunday, January 27, 2008


Before the turn of the nineteenth century baseball was always the most famous and well-liked sport in America. It was the sport of choice for lots of young boys located around the nation and they could be found convert every lush lot within ten miles into playing fields, Children idolize the famous players from different teams, while imitating them with every hang of the bat and throw of the ball. Though, times have changed as the early days of baseball. Baseball franchises are measured to be big business, and it seems as if the pleasure has been left behind. Player hit, as well as the creation of players union, makes the sport explain as if it is being played by a great number of stained millionaires. Player attachment has been entirely crushed by the prologue of free agency to Major League Baseball twenty-two years ago. Baseball, once a form of real fun, has now taken a deep change. Major League Baseball was once measured by most to be America’s pastime; however with current situation, it no longer truly deserves that impressive title.


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