Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some interesting facts about 2012| 2012

2012 is most estimated year and the world going to face the dramatic changes of the earth. In the year 1899 they found something different that is Schumann opening timber is found. It is the sensitivity or regularity of the world. Because its invention till 1986 this sensitivity regularity exist stable 7.8 Hertz for every second. From 1986 it in progress to increase considerably and in 1998 it was accounted to be 10 hertz for every second. On new hand captivating of the world are sinking considerably and it is predictable they force to accomplish zero position in 2012. Maya schedule and other calendars finish in 2012, although it is not the conclusion of the earth just starting of the latest one while every 26000 existence Earth goes through majestic rotation of progress.



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